Most of you already knew about the surgery that I had to have yesterday, but for those who didn’t, here is a quick rundown.

I have been experiencing a tremendous amount of pain on my left side, going from my neck through my shoulder, bicep, elbow, triceps, and hand. The pain was caused by one of three sets of severely pinched serves that I had in my neck. In addition to the pain, I had lost approximately 70% of the strength in my left arm from the elbow down. We tried going the non-surgical route initially, which had me doing physical therapy three days per week and chiropractic adjustments three days per week, but never seemed to be helping much. At that point, my Orthopedic Surgeon referred me to a Neurosurgeon, who took another look at my MRI. Due to the severity of the of the pressure on my nerve, the decision was made to operate.

Early Friday morning I reported to Tri-Star Summit Medical Center in Hermitage, where Dr. Christopher Taleghani performed a cervical fusion procedure on C6-7 at the base of my neck. Once the procedure began, Dr. Taleghani discovered that the situation was actually worse than the MRI had shown, as I had a major bone spur that was actually ripping its way through the nerves exiting my spine. Dr. Taleghani was able to take care of all of the issues that were causing me pain, and actually had me headed back home in time for a late lunch.

It will be approximately three weeks before I will be able to fully test that arm and see if all the pain is truly gone, but I can already tell you that the pain in my shoulder when I lay down is no longer present, and the numbness and pins-and-needles feeling that I sometime got from the elbow down appears to be gone as well.

At this point, I can’t say enough about Dr. Taleghani. He normally performs his surgeries on Mondays and Wednesdays, but he rearranged his entire schedule to fit my surgery in on a Friday morning so it would be less impactful to my work schedule. He also did a better job of taking his time and explaining everything to me than I think I have ever had a doctor to do before.

The same goes for the staff at Summit’s Same Day Surgery Unit. I could not have asked for a nicer group of people to entrust my medical care to. They were all polite and professional while taking care of me and checking on Chelsea and my Parents. If you are in need of surgery in the future, I would highly recommend that you check on having the procedure at Summit.

I will be in a neck brace for the next three weeks, which means no driving at all. No driving, plus protecting the neck from sudden movements and jarring, mean that I will be stuck at home for three weeks, so PLEASE feel free to call, text, email, or message me on Facebook. I will be going stir crazy before this is over! LOL

My follow up appointment is July 3rd, so I am hoping I will be released for normal activities then. That gives me two weeks to get in as much physical therapy as possible before we leave for our road trip. Wish me luck!

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