Every now and then, life has a way of just leaving you speechless. Chelsea and I just got back from an amazing road trip, one that allowed us to see the beauty of Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks, and allowed us to have encounters with wildlife that we had never seen in person before. But with all of that beauty, it was a simple sunset at our cottage in Brookings, Oregon, that left me in awe. Take a look at the photo above that I took there.

For starters, I think the sunset itself is beautiful. If you look near the bottom of the photo, just above the shrubbery. That bit of blue beneath the sunset is the Pacific Ocean. For those of you on the west coast, that might not seem like much. But for a guy from Tennessee, it was a beautiful site.

It’s not the sunset or the ocean that leaves me in awe of this photo though. Instead, it is two tiny white dots. First, look on the right side of the tall, slender tree on the right side of the photo. You will notice a bright white dot on the right side of the tree, almost halfway down. That white dot is not a star. It is actually the planet Venus. I have never seen it so bright or clear.

But the magic does not stop there. Look to the left side of the picture, about a third of the way down. You will see another bright white dot just to the right of the tree that is only partially in the frame. Once again, this is not a star. This time you are looking at the planet Jupiter.

In one photo, I managed to capture the beauty of a sunset on earth, while two other planets shine brightly in the background. Speaking of sunsets, there is an interesting bit of trivia associated with these two planets. Venus holds the distinction of having the longest day of any planet in our solar system. One day on Venus is equal to 243 Earth days. Ironically, Venus orbits the sun every 225 days, so a year on Venus is actually shorter than a day! Meanwhile, Jupiter has the shortest days of any planet in our solar system. One day on Jupiter is only equal to 9 hours and 55 minutes on Earth. Talk about sleeping the day away!

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